Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Last Quilt

Fred's Flannel Quilt
With the best of intentions I try to get at least one unfinished project out of the sewing room each month of the new year.  Never mind that it hardly makes  space for more fabric etc, but there is a feeling of accomplishment when these items go out the door to be enjoyed by someone else.  I have a good supply of finished items as well and try to keep them moving out, too.

This flannel quilt is for Fred who had surgery.  I had the blocks and wonderful friends who will put a few prayful ties into the quilt. Don't you think it's quite manly?

Lorraine's last quilt

 Do you ever wonder which quilt will be your last one?  This is the last quilt of a very dear friend.  I was so humbled and honored to finish it for her as it was one of my own published patterns, "Do The Strip". It was intended for her great-grand-daughter whom I know will love and cherish it.

Lorraine turned 90 last June and we collaborated on many quilts.  She loved to cook, read and quilt and her favorite color to work with was red. When the last stitch went into the quilt, I took it to her and we said our good-byes.

Hug the ones you love,