Monday, December 1, 2014

Deck the Halls

Here it is, December 1st, the start of the Christmas season and once again I intend to heed the words of G.K. Chesterton....

Angels can fly…….
. . . because they take themselves lightly.
                               - GK Chesterton

It is difficult to fly when we take ourselves so seriously that:

- we feel we must be on "top" of everything,

- we have to have "all" the answers,

- we must provide a "perfect" Christmas,

- we have to "do it all" ourselves,

- we must be "in charge,"

- we have to "fit" it all into our calendars.


May we take ourselves a little more lightly this

Holiday Season

- knowing that God loves us

and understands what it is like to be human.

For those of you who have read the lines above before on this blog, just look at the quilts, both Primitive Gatherings projects.  Above, Warm Winter Blessings  and on the left, Back in Time.

Both are wool applique/embroidery on cotton that I completed once my wrist recovered from the fracture last winter.  Back in Time is hung over an antique radio that Grandpa refinished for us many years ago.


I'm grateful to be able to complete these projects and hang them up for Christmas, however, once again I'm wondering why every December we plan and execute more things in 25 days than we might normally take a year to accomplish. Do you find yourself doing this?  I also find people who have it all done by December 1st quite annoying and I'd like them to go away!


So, this December I plan to keep a sort of journal on my blog to first remind myself of what I do indeed accomplish, as well as to try to keep the spirit in everything I do as I travel lightly through the holidays.

On the left is one bright spot in a -7 degree morning.  The "Tango" geranium my grand-daughter gave me for mothers' day is blooming in the living room

Finally, here is a peek into Santa's Workshop, sewing room or best yet, The Studio.  You can find me here, listening to Christmas music and trying to put it all together.  I'll bet you're wondering if I can find anything in there.  You're probably right.

I'm ready for the journey.  Would you care to join me?