Friday, August 31, 2012

Where Did Summer Go???

Woodland Sunflowers

Yesterday I noticed that the woodland sunflowers had started to bloom under the evergreens and the chives were sporting their dainty white flowers.  Oh my gosh...these are sure signs that summer is coming to an end!
Garlic Chives

Wasn't is just yesterday that the peas were popping up in the garden?

Sugar Snap Peas

Audrey takes a plunge

A week long trip to Lake Vermilion with family in June was fun with fishing and swimming plus a side trip to the Soudan mine.
Nana cools her heels as Katie takes the plunge!

Standing: My brother Nick, Niece Julie, Melanie and Mom Karen.

On the 4th of July, we headed out east for my niece Melanie's high school graduation party.  It was a 100 degree day but a wonderful gathering of family and friends. 

Lubec, Maine as viewed from Campobello Island, Canada.

Next we headed for Lubec Maine with my niece Lisa for a week long piano intensive and some serious seafood! 

And here are the likely victims

Served up at the Water Street Tavern and Inn where we stayed

Lubec is known for it's summer music programs (SummerKeys) and for being the most eastern point of the United States.  It's a charming small town and the place we stayed once was a cat food factory.  While everyone else was melting in 100 degree heat we were enjoying the 70's and cool ocean breezes.
Lisa and I performing

After a week of piano practice (and delicious seafood) Lisa and I performed our  duets before the other students and instructors. I truly can't believe I was play the piano and smiling!

Lisa and I gift shopping

Of course there was the usual shopping and touring.  We visited many lighthouses and Roosevelt's summer home at Campobello on the Bay of Fundy.

On our way back, we stopped in Intercourse, PA to visit the Old Country Store Museum where they had a lovely quilt exhibit.  Using Skype on my phone, I was able to share the exhibit with a friend in Wisconsin.....oh the amazing things we can do with technology!

This was a delicious Pennsylvania Dutch salad at the Cork Factory in Lancaster.  I love pickled eggs and beets.  Yum!
That was just the first half of summer.  More later.
I hope you are enjoying the last beautiful days
as much as I am.


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