Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Little Sampler

I designed and stitched this little sampler in 1991.  It measures 15" x 17" and it's hand pieced and quilted.  I'm posting it for an online quilt show of little quilts at Taryn's.  I've made a lot of little quilts and find that they are quite therapeutic since they allow you work up some of the patterns and fabrics that you love in a hurry.  Besides, as a collector of fat quarters, they can always justify a trip to the quilt shop.

I like to display them around the house as they're easy to hang or fold over a little chair with a doll.  This quilt keeps Raggedy Andy and two beloved teddy bears company.

Sometimes I hang them in our entry with a little angel to watch over them.

I hope you make many quilts...especially the small ones for yourself and all the people you love.



  1. So sweet - tiny blocks! Your Raggedy Andy really caught my eye - Mom made up the very same little fellow years ago when I had my quilt shop...she also did Raggedy Ann - they make an appearance together every Christmas...I still have some of the original books too...tattered and well read.

  2. I love this little sampler quilt. So sweet.....and all hand done! Very nice!

  3. Your sampler quilt is lovely - gorgeous tiny blocks. I've 'discovered' mini quilts this year for the same reasons as you, great to play with blocks and ideas. Your Raggedy Andy and the bears are real treasures.