Friday, March 7, 2014

About my previous post.....

When I wrote my post in January about trying to be more and do less, little did I know that I would be spending the rest of winter just being..... I must have had a premonition.

We had a wonderful vacation in Cozumel.....we were snorkeling, swimming, walking and I was doing a wonderful online watercolor class with Jane Lafazio.

After shopping at the Mercado for models, I painted apples and lemons.

Since there wasn't a lemon to be found on the island, I used a yellow lime!

On one of our walks, we found an empanada stand on a corner where a mother and daughter were making the empanadas from scratch. They were delicious!

Then I broke my right wrist and left kneecap when I stepped into a puddle from my husbands bathing suit in the bathroom.

We had excellent help from Sara, the manager...(getting x-rays since I was certain nothing was broken and going to an orthopedic surgeon who assured me that both were indeed broken) , but this put an end to the vacation about a week early.

So for the past month I have been practicing just being.  Can't write, sew, quilt, knit, drive, cook or clean.  Wait...there's nothing wrong with not cooking or cleaning.

However, I can read, nap, play the piano with my left hand and walk around with the brace on my left leg.  Time goes quite quickly as everything takes twice as long with my left hand (like typing this post)!

To my delight, my watercolor class had a lesson on drawing with the non-dominant hand which I highly recommend, and here are some of my examples.

 This is one of the dozen roses my husband gave me for Valentine's Day. I've also discovered his talent for cooking and housekeeping that he hid for so many years.

In about a week and a half, I'll be getting the cast off my right arm and then I'll be doing physical therapy as well as still just being.....


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  1. Oh no! Being an unfortunate veteran of 2 broken wrists & 2 knee replacements, can truly say I understand what your days are like...when you start rehab on that wrist, be faithful to your exercises and if they still offer those warm wax treatments, take advantage of them - feels so good. Your watercolors are so lovely & must bring you great pleasure. Be well and heal quickly!