Thursday, May 28, 2015

Doll Quilt Exchange

Last weekend when we returned home from Memorial Day at our son's, I found a package in our mailbox and I could hardly wait until I got into the house to open it!  Inside was the beautiful doll quilt on the left from Martha Gray, completely hand quilted with the tiniest of stitches.  All the different fabrics were a feast for the eyes.

On the back of the quilt was an embroidered label shown on the right.

At first, I thought I'd hang it in an area near the kitchen but somehow it was on the dining room table and I thought I'd display it there for awhile.  Don't worry, we're eating on the porch for the summer.  No chance of spoiling it with any goodies or food.

This was from a Doll Quilt Exchange set up by Lori over at Humble Quilts and I'm so glad I signed up for it, especially since I'm a "deadline" girl and just finished my quilt for the exchange to be mailed today.  Thank-you so much Lori for setting this up <3

Check out Lori's blog as she will eventually have links set up for the Doll Quilt Exchange participants and you'll be able to see all the quilts.

Hope your summer is starting out with good weather and lots of fun stitching.



  1. I'm so pleased you like the quilt, Peggy -- it looks really nice on your beautiful table.

  2. What a darling doll quilt! Very pretty!

  3. And it looks amazing! I've seen quite a few of Martha's quilts in real life and they are beautiful!

  4. A truly lovely doll quilt - looks like a very fun exchange. Enjoy your outdoor dining room!

  5. I find this doll quilt oh so interesting. Martha always creates something good.

  6. wow it's gorgeous.. lucky you!!

  7. What a lovely quilt Nana. Haven't we been lucky with our wonderful exchanges!
    I was worried that mine to Merry was lost in transit from New Zealand, but it turned up eventually. :-)

  8. Hi Ruth - just found your name.:-) I mistakenly deleted ( using my tablet) the lovely comment you left on my blog. Can you please resend it, as I love seeing all the comments. And thank you for sending it in the first place!