Sunday, November 20, 2011

A CZECH FEAST (or Plum Dumpling Adventures)

Myska's Plum Dumplings
One of the highlights of our trip to the Czech Republic this fall was the delicious food, some of it prepared by our guide's friends who so graciously invited us into their homes.

In Novy Bor, Myska prepared the plum dumplings.  I would love to go back and have lessons from her on how to make the dough, it was so tender.  Here she topped them with melted butter, sour cream and powdered sugar. Is your mouth watering yet?

My Fruit Dumplings

Lessons or not, last Saturday we had a family get-to-gether to share the photos from the trip along with some Czech food.  I made the dumplings.
My sister-in-law and I rolling the dough.

These were not my first try, but don't they look good?  We had many trial dumpling meals before the party.

It was good to have help making them ....the beer and wine was helpful as well.

We rolled out the dough and filled it with berries.  There must be a few tricks we could learn from some Czech cooks to get it just right so the dumplings are round and the fruit is not crushed!  I could use some pointers on doing this!

Boiling the dumplings

Here they are boiling.  Fortunately, the fruit did not escape the dough (this was the least of the issues making fruit dumplings) and they were done when they rose proudly to the top!

The sandwich chefs

Sandwiches at a Czech Bakery

While we were rolling the dumplings, the cousins assembled the sandwiches and made a Czech sopsky salat.

Check out the sandwiches we could buy at the bakeries.  Not only were they delicious, there were many different combinations to choose from.  What a difficult decision....which one? The prices are in Czech Crowns..about 100 equal 6 American dollars.

Jirina's sandwiches.

These are the sandwiches Jirina made for us at her home in Podivin. She had a special spread she put on first made of hard boiled egg, garlic and butter. Most of the vegetables were from her garden.

Here the table is ready for the hungry diners.  Typical of our meals in Czechoslovakia, there was plenty to eat.

Good food and family to share it with.  What could be more wonderful.

That is my wish for you this week.


Hem your blessings
With thankfulness
so they don't unravel. ~Author Unknown


  1. Hi Peggy, it is fun to see Czech food in your American blog. I´m glad you enjoy Czech meal and you try it in your home. It is not very easy make the plum dumplings uncracking.

  2. Your description of the fruit dumplings is so interesting...many of our own roots go to England and Wales so I always make Plum Pudding for Christmas...I have never heard of Plum dumplings.

    Your luncheon table looks delicious!

    Sending wishes for many blessings this Thanksgiving.