Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Kansas Troubles Christmas Quilt
Scrap quilts are my absolute favorites,
especially ones with half square triangles.
This quilt was one of a series of "winter mystery classes" I taught.   I designed the projects mainly for the students to use up their scraps and I gave them pre-cutting directions so when they arrived at class, they were ready to sew. Depending on the size of the finished quilt, they would need to make 144 or 400 half square triangles.  My job was to show them how to do this quickly and accurately.

There are many different ways to make half square triangles, but my favorite is using the Quick Quarter, a small ruler that marks the stitching line on the back of a square.  Since this tool came out before the turn of the century,  I'm calling it a "retro tool".

1. First cut the squares 7/8" larger than the  finished size of the triangle square.  For example, if the finished size is 2", cut the squares 2 7/8".

2. Next use the ruler to find the diagonal on the wrong side of the lighter fabric, and mark the stitching lines. A piece of very fine sandpaper glued to a clipboard helps to keep the fabric from slipping.

 3. Sew on the marked lines.

 4. Use the rotary cutter and a ruler to cut between the sewing lines.  You don't need to get too hung up on accuracy here.  Just don't cut into the stitching and be sure to leave enough on each side to press.

Jill's Christmas Throw

This one of my student's quilts.  She's finished it, but the one at the top of the page is mine, which I'm presently machine quilting.

I wonder if I can get it done before Christmas?????
Are you stitching anything for Christmas?

Hope you enjoy making triangle squares as much as I do.


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